Welcome to the 2017 Otsego County Fair!


Fair Office is located at 124 Shipp Street
Fairgrounds Main Entrance is located at 275 Fairview Road

The Otsego County Fair Association invites you to attend the Fair. You may be an exhibitor, concessionaire, entertainer or spectator. Whatever the case, we want to welcome you to the Fair and to give you a little information about the Otsego County Fair. The Otsego County Fairgrounds is owned and operated by the Otsego County Fair Association. The Otsego County Fair Association is a 501(c)4 volunteer organization administered by a 15 member board of civic minded individuals serving on the Board. The Otsego County Fair Association is forever devoted to the enrichment of the youth and adults of Otsego County. The Otsego County Fair Association must generate funds to pay for operating expenses including the annual County Fair. Donations, rentals and the hard work of volunteers generate all funds.

The Fair Board has worked diligently again this year to bring you a great Fair. We are proud to be part of such a fine organization where volunteers give so much; that Fair goers can have a week of education, competition and fun.

We hope you enjoy yourself at the Otsego County Fair.


The Otsego County Fair Association would like to thank all businesses and individuals for their generous donations to the 2016 Otsego County Fair. A special thank you also goes to all the leaders, members, parents, committee members, superintendents, and many others who provide assistance in many ways. Although we are unable to list you individually, we appreciate your continued support and realize that an undertaking such as the Otsego County Fair could not possibly happen without the cooperation and dedication of all of you. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many businesses/individuals that have supported the Otsego County Fair year after year and the businesses/individuals that have joined the Otsego County Fair for the first time. Our appreciation also goes out to all for patronizing those businesses/individuals who are supporters of the Otsego County Fair.


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