Livestock/Equine Drug Testing Protocol

  1. The initial complaint must be received in writing detailing complainant's reason for requesting testing. A written reply from the owner must also be received by the Fair board.
  2. The Fair board will review the case and may, at their discretion, turn the matter over to a licensed veterinarian. A licensed veterinarian or authorized representative will conduct the testing. The test will be administered within 12 hours of the accusation. The Fair board will ensure that the exhibitor, parent, and a Fair board member will accompany the animal at all times during the collection procedure.
  3. Any animal, either alive or slaughtered, found to be in violation of the use of drugs, chemicals, or feed additives will be disqualified and removed from the grounds.
  4. The cost of testing will be covered by the owner if the animal tests positive for drugs, chemicals, or feed additives. If the animal tests negative for drugs, chemicals, or feed additives, the cost of testing will be covered by the complainant.
  5. Chain of custody will be remanded to the veterinarian in charge with sample being sent to a certified lab of his/her choosing.
  6. The use of any drug or chemical compound that is not approved by the Food & Drug Administration for use in meat animals constitutes unethical fitting. The illegal administration of approved drugs and compounds is also prohibited. All animals entered in the Youth Division are subject to blood, urine and tissue tests by the Fair Board, FDA and USDA for illegal and substances that exceed the acceptable levels established by the United State Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, the Food Animal Residue Avoidance Database and the Environmental Protection Agency. A positive test will result in disqualification of the animal and may forfeit all rights and privileges to exhibit ay any future Otsego County Fair and forfeit any premium monies, trophies, special awards, youth livestock sales, and/or other considerations earned. The exhibitor shall assume full responsibility for any violation of regulations related to drugs and medications to include withdrawal times and the condemnation of carcasses due to drug rule/regulation violations.

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