Otsego County Horse Area Rules

Adopted February 2011




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q  All horses entering the Fair must have a CURRENT, negative Coggins test on file.  Copy must be sent with entry, Hold Harmless, Code of Conduct, and stall reservations/payment otherwise stall will not be guaranteed.  Name of Exhibitor/Group/Horse MUST coincide on ALL paperwork.  Coggins check in will be Sunday afternoon-time TBA in Fair Book. 


q  Check in for a horse is between 9 and noon on Sunday.  (Check in for Tri-County Show is 5pm, Friday before show)  Every participant must attend the barn meeting Sunday afternoon-time TBA in Fair Book.  At this time the Horse Area Committee will be introduced, schedule for the week and rules reviewed.  IF YOU ARE UNCLEAR ABOUT ANYTHING, THIS WOULD BE THE TIME TO ASK!  ALL participants, parents, and leaders will sign the new Code of Conduct BEFORE they are allowed to participate at the shows.  These will be collected at the Coggins check in if not mailed with entry.


q  Stall assignment will be determined as outlined in the Otsego County Fair Premium Book (see general rules).  There are NO REQUESTS for placements of stalls. Once assigned, no stall may be changed WITHOUT APPROVAL by the barn superintendent.  All attempts are made for individuals in groups to be stalled together provided names are provided and payment is made at the same time.


q  Tack stalls will be awarded on an availability basis.  Stalls to be used by horses are given priority. ALL stalls are $10.00 per week.


q  One trailer per group will be parked behind the barns.  IF space is available, additional trailers may be parked behind the barn provided that permission is obtained from the barn superintendent.  All other trailers will be parked in overflow parking that is determined by the horse committee.  Fire lanes may not be blocked or you will be moved.  To maximize space please park on the same diagonal as others.  Once a vehicle has been parked as a horse trailer, it will not be considered a camping vehicle.


q  Check out is 10 pm Saturday after the Fair or by noon on the following Sunday.  Stalls and areas MUST be left in the same condition that you found them.  Clean up fees of $20 will be assessed for messy areas and stalls, determined by amount of debris and time spent cleaning for you.  There is NOT a check out person.  BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT IS EXPECTED!!!  If you are unsure, it is YOUR responsibility to find a member of the horse committee to check your areas.  Fines will be deducted from premiums.


q  All youth horses are expected to stay for the entire fair.  Early departure will result in the forfeiture of your premiums/prizes if the horse committee does not authorize it.  Adults may haul in for the open shows if they are not stalled for the week.  It is highly recommended that a day stall be purchased, IF available at a price of $5 per day.  Adults who have paid for the weekly stall are expected to keep the horse at the fair the entire week or they will forfeit their premiums/prizes as well.  Fair horses that are stalled must come in on Sunday.  Horses will not be substituted (meaning horse enters on Sunday but leaves during week and another comes in to take its place) through the week that are not stalled for the entire week WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE BARN SUPERINTENDENT. 


q  The Fair does NOT award trophies/prizes other than the regular fair ribbons.  In the case that there is an individual sponsor, that party will decide determination of the awards.  The Fair does provide the rosettes for the Showmanship, Overall Showmanship, and Halter Champions.  The Senior and Junior Showmanship winners are eligible for the Otsego County Fair Sweepstakes competition at the end of the week.


q  Stallions are not to be stalled on the grounds during the week but may participate in the shows on a haul in basis, with the exception of the Friday and Saturday of the Tri-County Show.  Otsego County Fair has the right to ask ANY horse that is dangerous to leave the grounds.


q  In appropriate classes, exhibitors may show a maximum of two horses.  These classes include trail, versatility, reining, jumping, and all speed events.


q  The Make Up Pen is for riding in; no loose horses or lunging will be allowed.  Use of this arena is during the time frames as the main arena. The barn superintendent reserves the right to make changes to this time frame.


q  The Round Pen is for exercising a loose horse.  You may release your horse in the pen at 15-minute intervals.  Be courteous so all participants have a chance to use this area.  There will be a sign up sheet at the pen to keep everyone on time.  If you want to use the pen, please sign up for a time.  Do not hang out at the pen gate waiting.  If someone abuses the time limit, the horse superintendent should be notified so they can address the person.


q  The Main Arena is for riding and lunging horses.  No loose horses please.  Arena lights will be turned off at 11pm nightly.  No horses after 11 pm.


q  Stalls must be cleaned daily of manure and urine and manure dumped in designated areas.  To save on sawdust, do NOT strip stalls daily.  Horses must have fresh water and food accessible to them at all times.  Sawdust is provided by the fairboard and all horses should have fresh bedding daily.  When the barn superintendent is alerted, he/she will deal with the owner on a personal level.


q  Violation of the DRUG policy will result in losing all premiums and being banned from the fairgrounds.  The exhibitor and owner are responsible for the horse’s well being and will be held accountable.  See the Fair Book for further clarifications.


q  There will be no riding on the East or South side of the arena or the campgrounds area. Keep all aisle ways, in both barns, clear at all times.  Horses will not be standing in these aisle ways.


q  While riding, participants must use precautions that all parties are safe.  Proper boots with heels must be worn. Youth 18 and under must wear helmets.  There will be no racing in the arenas.  No riding double anywhere on the grounds.  No bareback riding except in arena.  Horses must have bridles on when ridden at any time.  Only family members/trainers may ride exhibitor’s horse.


q  All participants will wear appropriate English/Western SHOW attire in all classes including gymkhana. No T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, or baseball caps will be allowed.


q  All participants 18 and under in the hunter (both over fences and on the flat) and all gymkhana classes are required to wear protective riding helmets.  The helmets must meet the specifications of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) must be manufactured and distributed by a participant in the certification program of the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), and bear the SEI certification label.  The exhibitor (or his/her parents or legal guardian if the exhibitor is a minor), not the local show officials or judge, are solely responsible for complying with the headgear rule.  Show officials reserve the right to spot check helmets at any time to verify the compliance with this rule.  It is not required, but highly recommended, that adults wear the same headgear.  However, a riding helmet in English classes and western hat in western/gymkhana classes are part of the expected attire in the ring.


q  Wash racks are to be used at your own risk.  Tie horses to posts NOT pipes.  Clean up after yourself and your horse.  Do not leave horse unattended.  If the wash rack is full, please ask someone to let you know when he/she is done.  Do not hang around waiting for a space.  Wash racks are for bathing, not grooming or banding.  Please remove your horse when you are finished washing and groom at your stall.  NO washing horses near bathrooms.


q  Make up area at the north end of the main arena is for horses entering the next class only.  This area should be clear of all spectators and absolutely NO unattended children. Only riders, parents, or other supervisory personnel are to be in the make up area.  Avoid congesting any one area.  Allow plenty of space between horses. 


q  Cell phone usage/Texting is inappropriate when handling a horse and not recommended.


q  On show day, NO one except show staff is allowed in the announcer’s booth.  ALL inquiries will be handled at the booth window by the show committee staff.  Scratches and Adds must be written requests-verbal requests will not be honored.  Once scratched, the exhibitor may not be placed in a class unless an ADD slip has been filled out and turned in to the booth. 


q  There is no approaching the judge.  All questions will go through the entry booth.  Questions, comments and concerns may be dropped in the box at the announcer’s booth for nightly review.  Complaints and Protests must be in writing and accompanied by the $25 fee as outlined in the general rules.


q  Parking inside the fairgrounds is limited to vehicles of people who have paid for camping.  There is a two-car limit and no car shall be in the roadway even partially.  A parking place for the judge WILL be left behind the announcer’s booth.  Day parking is in the north parking lot.  People requiring assistance may be dropped off at the bleachers and vehicles will be parked in parking lot.  A fairboard member can be requested to provide transportation.


q  Camping is determined by the Camping Director of the Fair, not the Horse Superintendent.  Requests are not necessarily honored but we try to accommodate.  Late registrations will receive camping that is available and may not be with the groups they request.


q  Campers are required to remove their own trash daily and put it in one of the two dumpsters provided near the barns.  If requested, the fair will provide trash bags.  Camp areas will be left in the condition found or a cleaning fee may be assessed and taken off of your premiums.


q  The Barn Superintendent will deal with ANY complaints/problems.  The Barn Superintendent will make all final decisions regarding horses, exhibitors, spectators, or the general horse area.


q  Otsego County Fair Board reserves the right to change or revise these rules at any time as the need or new concerns arise.[1]

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[1] Compiled January 2011 by the Otsego County Fair Horse Committee, updated 2012


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