Easy steps to entering exhibits into the fair:

1. Pick up a Premium Book or download a copy from

2.  Look through the exhibit pages and decide what you would like to exhibit

3.  Read all the rules to avoid any confusion.  Entries incorrectly entered will be disqualified

4.  Youth must have date of birth on the entry form and age as of January 1st of current year

5,  Completely fill out the entry form

6.  The entry fee is 25 cents per class, except for open horse and the tri county open horse show.  There is no entry fee for showmanship except for the Tri County Open Horse Show

7.  Junior Youth Animal Exhibiutors 5 year olds are  non-competitive classes.  Exhibitor will receive a participation ribbon ONLY.  Exhibitor will not pay an entry fee and not premium will be paid

8.  Be sure the address you list is on the form is legible and current, thast is where your premiumk check will be mailed

9.  Be sure to fill out all appropriate forms.  A list of forms can be found below.  See the rules for a list of the forms you need to turn in with your entry form

10.  Enclose appropriate payment

11.  Mail to Otsego County Fair, P.O. Box 500, Gaylord, Michigan 49734 OR put the form in the black drop box mounted to the FairOffice 124 Shipp Street

12.  Entry deadline is July 28, 2017

13.  Everyone entering the fairgrounds must either have a pass or pay a get fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!

14.  Keep a copy of the form for your records


If you have any questions Contact the Fair Office 989-732-3811


The following is a list of forms that can be found on the website.  The forms can be found on this website on the sidebar Premium Book Forms

Associate Member                                            

Camping Reservation

Code of Conduct (Horse & Large Animal)

Entry Form

Hold Harmless (Horse & Livestock)                                 

Homemaker of the Year           

Horse Stall Reservations                           

Large Animal Reservations                       

Rabbit, Poultry & Waterfowl Reservations  

Ride Voucher Form                                   

Weekly Gate Pass                                    


Entry Day - Sunday, August 13, 2017


1.  Check the Fair Schedule for times to bring animal exhibits.

2.  Bring your still exhibits to the fair between noon and 3:00pm.

3.   Pick up your entry tags.

4.   Tag your items and take to the exhibit building.

5.  NEW this year Youth & Junior Youth will not talk to the judges during the entry process. Judging till take place at 4pm on Sunday

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