2017 Otsego County Fair Committees

Advertising:  Denise Gapinski & Cyn Prusakiewicz
Fair Office Cleaning: Val Courtright & Amanda Greenman
Finances including Budget:  Denise Gapinski, Shawn O'Dell & Andy Kujawa
Landscaping:  Nadia Kidder & Jen Robinson
Manure Maintenance:  Bobby Holzschu
Policies & Procedures, Emergency Plan & Notebook Updates:  Denise Gapinski
Premium Book:  Denise Gapinski & Cyn Prusakiewicz
Sign Up-Front:  Cyn Prusakiewicz & Brandie Slough
Sponsorship:  Denise Gapinski, Cyn Prusakiewicz, Val Courtright & All Board Members
Website/FaceBook:  Denise Gapinski, Amanda Greenman & Val Courtright
Work Bee Food:  Denise Gapinski, Val Courtright, Shawn O'Dell & All Board Members
Work Crew:  Denise Gapinski & Andy Kujawa
Bleachers, Benches, Picnic Tables & Trash Cans:  Bobby Holzschu & Nadia Kidder
Campgrounds:  Jenny Young, Bobby Holzschu, Dustin Robinson & Nadia Kidder
Carnival Area & Eastside of Horse Area Cutting Grass:  Bobby Holzschu
Equipment:  Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu & Dustin Robinson
Entertainment Stage:  
Fair Office:  Shawn O'Dell
Grandstand Bathroom:  
Grandstand Pavalion:  Andy Kujawa
Grandstand Ticket Booth (Bumblebee):  Nadia Kidder
Horse Area including Stalls, Arena, Bathrooms & cutting grass:  Jenny Young & Bobby Holzschu
Ice Cream Booth: 
Infield Announcer's Stand & Electric Booth:  Andy Kujawa
Infield Cutting Grass:  Bobby Holzschu & Tom Cook
Kitchen & Dining Room:  
Livestock Building:  Tom Cook & Bobby Holzschu
Maintenance Building & Equipment:  Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu & Dustin Robinson
Middle Building, Up-front Pavilion & Bathroom:  Andy Kujawa & Shawn O'Dell
Museum & Memory Lane:  Nadia Kidder & Jen Robinson
North Building:  Hannah Techel
North & Shipp St. Parking Lots including cutting grass:  Bobby Holzschu & Tom Cook
North Ticket Booth & Shipp St. Ticket Booth:  Nadia Kidder
Red School, Outhouse & Antique Area:  Nadia Kidder & Jen Robinson
Sign Up-front & North Parking Lot:  Nadia Kidder
Sound System:  Shawn O'Dell & Amanda Greenman
Sprinkler System:  Shawn O'Dell
Storage Trailer:  Shawn O'Dell 
Big Ticket (June 22-24):  Tom Cook, Denise Gapinski, Amanda Greeman & Val Courtright
Bump N Run Championship (September 30):  Andy Kujawa, Denise Gapinski & Bobby Holzschu
Bump N Run Championship Concessions:  Denise Gapinski, Cyn Prusakiewicz, Val Courtright & Amanda Greenman
Easten Technical - Smoke School:  Denise Gapinski
Float Building (September or October):  Denise Gapinski & Cyn Prusakiewicz
Graduation Parties:  Denise Gapinski & Val Courtright
Ground Rental Contracts:  Denise Gapinski
Horse Show Contracts:  Jenny Young & Denise Gapinski
Horse Shows:  Jenny Sewell & Bobby Holzschu
Pony Express (June 6-9):  Nadia Kidder & Dustin Robinson
Relay for Life (June 2 & 4):  Amanda Greenman & Val Courtright
Storage:  Tom Cook, Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu & Denise Gapinski
Weddings:  Denise Gapinski & Val Courtright
Banners:  Denise Gapinski & All Board Members
Blue Ribbon (Entries & Judging Results):  Diana Donajkowski & Tami Techel
Campgrounds & Camping:  Jenny Young & Tami Techell
Carnival:  Shawn O'Dell, Andy Kujawa & Denise Gapinski
Carnival Booths, Ticket Booths, Infield Pits & 50/50's:  Denise Gapinski & Diana Donajkowski
Exhibits (Open & Youth Still Exhibits):  Pam Gregory, Hannah Techel & Cyn Prusakiewicz
Free Entertainment (Hired) Oversee Set-up & Needs:  Shawn O'Dell
Grandstand Ticket Takers & Bumblebee Ticket Sellers:  Denise Gapinski & Diana Donajkowski
Horse Shows:  Jenny Sewell & Bobby Holzschu
Indoor Vendors:  Cyn Prusakiewicz & Nadia Kidder
Information Booth includes cleaning & setup:  Nadia Kidder
Judges (Open & Youth Still Exhibits):  Cyn Prusakiewicz & Pam Gregory
Kid's Day (Thursday):  Val Courtright, Amanda Greenman, Brandie Slough, Queen & Court
Kitchen:  Helen Cook & St. Mary's Disciples
Livestock Auction (Friday):  Tom Cook, Amanda Greenman, Bobby Holzschu & Waneta Cook
Livestock Building:  Tom Cook, Bobby Holzschu, Eric Cook & Waneta Cook
Museum & Memory Lane:  Nadia Kidder & Jen Robinson
Outdoor Vendors:  Shawn O'Dell & Denise Gapinski
Parking:  Shawn O'Dell & Dustin Robinson
Queen's Pageant (Sunday):  Amanda Greenman, Valerie Courtright & Denise Gapinski
Red School House:  Nadia Kidder & Jen Robinson
Ribbons & Trophies:  Judy Falk
Security:  Nadia Kidder & Dustin Robinson
Sign Up-Front:  Tami Techel & Brian Techel
Small Animal Barn:  Tom Cook & Jenny Wingo
Tri County Open Horse Show:  Jenny Young, Bobby Holzschu & Stacey Holzschu
VIP Area:  Pam Gregory, Brandie Slough, Nadia Kidder & Jenifer Purdy
Work Crew:  Andy Kujawa & Denise Gapinski 
Tuesday - Hose Pull:  Tom Cook, Bobby Holzschu, Amanda Greenman & Val Courtright
Wednesday - Super Kicker Rodeo:  Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu, Tom Cook & Denise Gapinski
Thursday - UMS Bump N Run:  Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu & Denise Gapinski
Friday - TTPA Tractor & Pickup Pull:  Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu, Tom Cook & Yami Techel
Saturday - UMS Night of Destruction:  Andy Kujawa, Bobby Holzschu & Denise Gapinski

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