12:30, 2:00, 3:30 & 5:00
These are 1 hour hands on shows
This activity is funded in part by the Michigan Humanities Council &
Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs


Cirque Amongus offers hands-on programs designed to build self-esteem, develop motor skills, and promote teamwork.


Led by our project managers who are professional entertainers and skilled instructors, teachers and volunteers introduce students to the fundamentals of circus arts - juggling, movement and balancing - in a safe, fun-filled, and educational environment. 


Among the achievements experienced during a circus project that can be useful throughout life

  • doing something you never thought possible
  • mastering a skill through trial, error, and plenty of practice
  • creating something and seeing it come to fruition
  • working together in a cooperative way to bring about something big and special that you could never do by yourself
  • having poise and concentration under pressure


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